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In today's fast-paced world, leadership is a journey of growth and adaptation. Our platform provides everything needed for leaders to excel, enhance collaboration, and achieve business results. Discover how we do it:


Live Courses

Intense Developmental Journeys on Your Schedule.

Our frequently offered expert-led live courses are intense time-bound commitments for making real developmental leaps.



Leadership Is a Collective Journey.

We learn best in interaction with others - join a group of like-minded peers that are developing together.



Seek New Horizons, Whenever You Need.

Growth often requires external insights - our professional coaches are always within reach to provide support or challenge perspectives.



Know Yourself to Navigate Your Next Steps.

Discover where you stand developmentally - identify strengths and blind spots, and receive tailored strategies to upgrade to the next level.


Learning Modules

Our Approach Prioritizes Practicality.

Get access to our extensive app library filled with learning modules, tools, and resources designed to enhance leadership capabilities.


Digital Platform

One Solution, Multi-faceted Impact.

Our platform accommodates diverse developmental needs whether you wish to enroll a single individual or an entire cohort.

What our users say


Shiftspace is a great program that has expanded my view of myself and my interactions with family, friends and our team in a great way. Here, a sound scientific background meets great tools that make change possible with ease and in a playful way. Makes you want more!

H. Funke

There are three things I really liked about shiftspace. First, the learning format. Second, the opportunity to share and support each other in small groups. And third, that the whole course focuses on just three core principles of adult development. Big thank you to the team.


I was thrilled that there are small learning nuggets and that the app encourages me to journal and self-reflect on a regular basis. I was very inspired by the exchange with the group, to hear the topics from others and to find like-minded people. The time commitment is relatively short but the growth that happens in the background is tremendous!

Our offering

Whether you're looking to intensely upskill a large group within a complex L&D structure or offer a continuous developmental space throughout the year, we've got you covered.

Platform experience

Custom offering

Platform Experience

For Companies of All Sizes

Year-long Support
We take on the mantle of leadership development for an entire year, ensuring continuous growth and progress.
Diverse & Dynamic Learning
From a vast developmental library to live workshops, everything is at your fingertips.
Networking & Collaboration
Monthly community meetings connect peers, ensuring collective growth and idea exchange.
Customized Developmental Path
Get a professional assessment, and tailored advice to ensure leaders are always leveling up.
Guided Support
Individual coaching sessions tailored to unique challenges and milestones.


€990 user/year

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