Follow our thoughts on adult development.

What is Adult Development?

28 July 2022

Get a grasp of development in adulthood and discover how development is about changing the way we make sense of the world – or as we call it, changing our way of 'meaning-making'.

Developing our capacity for ‘Self-Relating’

19 October 2022

Learn about the most important relationship in our life - the relationship with ourselves and our inner world. Like any relationship it can be easy or difficult, and like any relationship it can be improved.

Our capacity for ‘Perspective Shifting’

21 February 2023

We always see the world through our own lens - but we can train the capacity to shift our perspective to encompass different views, allowing us to gain a better understanding of situations and other people.

Our capacity for ‘Opposable Thinking’

25 May 2023

In our everyday lives we face many contrasting views, needs, and choices which can lead to a feeling of inner tension. Learn how to manage and integrate opposing ideas.